The enterprise of flowers cultivation “Poytaht nastarin gullari“ begain is work on 16 March 2011. For this day our greenhouses cooperate with the khokimiyats of several cities of Uzbekistan, with banks, flower shops, landscape designers and private gardeners. Over time, the company grew from small enterprise into a flower cultivating industry and finally on November 12, 2014 was opened a chain of shops “PNG FLOWERS“. The head office of Poytaht nastarin gullari is located at Yunusabad district, Iftihor street, 1.

Flower boutique “PNG Flowers“ since its opening cooperates only with the Dutch flower suppliers. In PNG flowers more than 120 species of orchids and more than 1000 kinds of exquisite flowers from different corners of our green planet. “PNG Flowers“ offers not only flowers, but everything for the care of flowers.

For this day, flower cultivating “Poytaht nastarin gullari“ and flowers boutique PNG flowers – Tashkent, Yunusabad district, Iftihor street, 1. Orientation: Tashkent TV tower. Tel: +(99871) 231-79-79. Shop of flower bouquets and souvenirs “Poytaht nastarin gullari“– Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Buyuk Ipak Yuli street, 123a. Orientation: Sayohat restaurant. Tel: +(99890) 952-77-00. Shop of flower bouquets “Poytaht nastarin gullari “– Tashkent, Chilanzar district, Chilanzar bazaar, from the side of Korzinka supermarket, first shop. Tel: +(99890) 176-43-40